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Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Charge Ki


Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Charge Ki

Charge for your super moves!

How to Charge Ki in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Knowing how to charge Ki is crucial in Dragon Ball FighterZ as it gives you more tools at your disposal. While you gain energy by simply dealing damage to your enemies, you can quickly gain Ki by charging.

To charge Ki in Dragon Ball FighterZ, simply hold Square + X on PS4 or X + A on Xbox One. This will gradually charge your super meter, but leaves you vulnerable to attacks. All attacks during the charge state also registers as a counter hit. Because of this, make sure you’re standing far from enemies and keep an eye out for surprise attacks.

Charging your Ki helps you quickly gain an edge against enemies, as it allows you to quickly gain energy without having to go up close and personal. You can have up to seven stocks of Ki.

Having enough Ki gives you an advantage in battle, as you can consume one stock of Ki to perform teleport attacks for quick cross ups or deal punishing super moves that allow you to extend combos. You can also press the assist button while performing a super move to make your chosen teammate continue with another super before switching in.

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