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Destiny 2: Where to Find Vex Minotaurs


Destiny 2: Where to Find Vex Minotaurs

Where to Find Vex Minotaurs in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has a lot of different enemy types for you to take on, including the incredibly hostile Vex. There’s a few different reasons to take on Vex Minotaurs, whether your looking to complete a patrol, or you’re completing Nessus Challenges or farming them for various other reasons. Luckily Vex Minotaurs aren’t incredibly hard to find.


Theoretically you can find Vex Minotaurs all around Nessus, as public events on the planet will regularly spawn them. However, there’s a couple specific locations that you can easily use for farming. The first is at Watcher’s Grave, so simply fast travel there. Immediately turn left and go to the cliff edge there. You should spot a Minotaur you can kill, so simply rinse and repeat by fast traveling back to Watcher’s Grave, which will put you into a new instance and respawn the Minotaur. Make sure you kill the other Vex in the area as well though.

Alternatively, there’s also a cave in Exodus Black that respawns a Minotaur and other Vex every time you go through the portal inside it. You can find the location of the cave through this video, even though it isn’t about finding Minotaurs. The cave has one Minotaur and a handful of other Vex so kill everything, jump through the portal, and then back through to the cave again. The Minotaur will respawn along with some of the other Vex most likely.


Minotaurs aren’t as ubiquitous in Io as they are in Nessus, but in general still not very hard to find. The Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector within the Lost Oasis area will house some, as well as any Vex Construct Disruption public event. A ton will be thrown at you through that one, making it a good place to farm them.


Mercury isn’t a particularly large location. You can run around the whole space in just a few minutes. Entering the public event is guaranteed to put you up aganist plenty of Minotaurs but you should also be able to find them along the outskirts of the map all over the place. Just run around in a circle, keeping your head on a swivel, and you’ll be sure to run into them.

Just head to either of those locations and you should have some Vex Minotaurs farmed with no problem.

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