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10 Games That Turn 10 in 2018, Do You Feel Old Yet?


10 Games That Turn 10 in 2018, Do You Feel Old Yet?

Happy birthday!

Grand Theft Auto IV – April 29

By 2008, the Grand Theft Auto series was already a giant in the gaming industry and, following games like Vice City and San Andreas, we couldn’t wait to see what Rockstar was capable of creating with the power of the Xbox 360 and PS3. There was an enormous amount of hype in the run up to release of GTA IV, and fortunately it more than exceeded our expectations.

Unlike past GTA games, IV told a more grounded and gritty story of an immigrant named Niko as he tries to escape his past and build a new life in Liberty City. It’s not long before our protagonist finds himself steeped in a world of crime and corruption as he fights to survive. Not only was the single-player content (including DLCs) incredible, GTA IV also offered online multiplayer which was complete anarchy and enormous fun. While there were plenty of game modes such as racing and team deathmatch to take part, many players just enjoyed cruising around the map blowing each other up in helicopters. Good times.

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