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The Best PC Exclusive Game of 2017


The Best PC Exclusive Game of 2017

No consoles allowed here.

It’s award season here at Twinfinite! Let’s look back the best PC exclusive games from 2017. Voted on by our editors, these great games left console owners jealous. Let’s start with our top vote-getting runner-ups, and finally, of course, our overall winner!

Second Runner-Up: Dream Daddy

The Best PC Exclusive Game of 2017

Dream Daddy, baby. Of course, we had to throw a nod over to this little game that could. It’s not every day that a dating sim reaches outside of its niche audience and manages to grab people en masse. This isn’t just any dating sim, though. No, it’s all about dads tryin’ to get it in. It’s a fun, light-hearted game that you can complete in one sitting. Provided that you’re hooked to do so.

Since it was created by various members of the popular YouTube channel Game Grumps, you know that it’s got a lot of jokes to read through. It can be a hard sell to get people to read through what is literally a visual novel, but making choices is always an awesome mechanic thrown into any game. I highly doubt there is a single person that will play this and won’t instantly decide which dad they’re going to attempt to seduce like it’s Friday night in Downtown.

First Runner-Up: Total War: Warhammer II

The Best PC Exclusive Game of 2017

total war warhammer II

Strategy games are still alive and well on PC, and in fact, it’s sometimes hard to stand out from the crowd. The Total War series, still stalwartly run by Creative Assembly, continues to pump out critically acclaimed titles.

Total War: Warhammer II, was a triple threat, pleasing Total War, Warhammer, and strategy game fans all in one effective swoop. Featuring a tight, plot-driven campaign, players will engage in massive wars between the game’s four primary races. Those interested in the legendary series’ high fantasy lore and story, will covet the drama that ensues over the mysterious Great Vortex. Even if Warhammer isn’t your jam necessarily, there’s still a deep and complex strategy game to sink your teeth into.

There’s a lot going on in Warhammer II and it can be intimidating, especially to newcomers. The battle rages on whether you know what you’re doing or not, but it’s in those moments where you figure it out, that Warhammer II shines.

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