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How to Convince Your Parents to Get You an Xbox One

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How to Convince Your Parents to Get You an Xbox One

It’ll be yours, one way or another.

So you’re mad keen to get an Xbox One and partake in the action of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this holiday season, or perhaps you’re intrigued by the notion of driving yourself insane with Cuphead. Whatever floats your boat, but can you really prove what it means to you to the people that matter and get away without doing chores for another week? Let’s be fair, not every parent out there is clued up on the latest console tech or what’s best, so here’s a few pointers you can pass on to make the shopping experience a little easier.

The important thing to remember when it comes to the Xbox One is its many varieties, and herein lies the key. To sell which potential system is appropriate, in turn aiding your argument, it’s important to break it down into easily understandable chunks.

Let’s take the the Xbox One X for example. Currently the most powerful console on the market, home to 4K gaming with high dynamic range and six terraflops of power… which all means absolutely zilch, zero, zippo to most parents out there. Not all, mind; some probably know more than you. Anyway, power doesn’t always mean better, so if you want an Xbox One X in your home maybe look at it in the same vein as your friend who easily convinced their parents to buy them a Nintendo Switch thanks to a strangely similar handy dandy guide.

This is a long term investment, a product that has been designed to be the leading piece of architecture that will provide plenty of enjoyment across the board and should be on store shelves for some time to come. Well, until they make another Xbox, but don’t tell them that.

An Xbox One X has far greater uses than what it may initially appear, too. Besides playing video games in the highest picture and audio quality, it can also greatly improve the experience with faster load times and the ability to play a range of other pieces of entertainment in the process. Netflix, YouTube, and 4K Blu-ray are but some of the added movie and TV options to keep the entire family entertained during the night.

Don’t worry if you don’t own a 4K TV either. Though you’ll have an altogether better experience with a new screen, the added benefits of faster load times and improved frame rates for those games that support it will still be evident on a standard HD TV. So you won’t have to spend big just yet, but can happily look towards that at a later date.

If an Xbox One X isn’t something you or your folks can afford, rest assured there are far cheaper options where you don’t be left out of any content in the process. The Xbox One S will play all the same games, movies, and apps as a One X, just without the options for full 4K and the bells and whistles and at a fraction of the cost. You’ll still get to play 4K movies, in fact the One S is one of the cheapest 4K players on the market, so there’s some extra incentive there.

So why an Xbox and not a PS4 or Switch? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Cuphead, as mentioned, are the two hottest exclusives for the console this year, but with the added power of the Xbox One X, many big name AAA titles like Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Forza 7 have a shinier edge to them (among other benefits) that the other consoles can’t quite provide. So if you want the very best, there’s your answer.

Ultimately, it’s best to shop around for the cheapest deal. So many retailers, online and off, have various Xbox packages with a range of games bundled together for far better prices than buying them on their own. There’s bound to be a sale that suits everything you and your folks are looking for, and hey, maybe all that work washing the car will pay it off after all. Or not, in which case you might want to start selling lemonade.

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