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Grand Theft Auto V: How to Start GTA Online


Grand Theft Auto V: How to Start GTA Online

How to Start GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the biggest selling games of all time and it isn’t just down to its excellent single-player mode. On top of stepping into the shoes of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, you can create your own character and play alongside others in GTA Online.

In GTA Online, you can take part in events such as races, simply mess around with others in GTA V’s world, or complete complex heists. Thankfully, jumping into the mode is very simple so you’ll be earning those dollars in no time.

Once you’ve started the game up, begin playing single-player as you normally would. Once it has loaded and you’re in control of your character, press the menu button and select the GTA Online option. You can choose whether to play alone or not by selecting or un-selecting ‘Invite Only’. Then, you will be prompted to create a character if you haven’t played before, or you will be taken online if you have. You will now be able to start playing the variety of events.

That’s how you start GTA Online in Grand Theft Auto V. For more tips and trick on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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