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How Fast Does the Xbox One X Start and Boot Up?


How Fast Does the Xbox One X Start and Boot Up?

How Fast Does the Xbox One X Start and Boot Up?

So you have a shiny new Xbox One X, huh? Congratulations, if so! If not, you might be here because you’re doing some research on Microsoft’s latest console. It’s certainly a powerful machine and – as far as home consoles go – it’s about as good as its probably going to get this generation. The Xbox One X touts increased power under the hood, allowing it to reach true 4K resolution and support HDR visuals. However, the Xbox One X also has faster loading and start or boot times. While it probably won’t be anyone’s sole reason for buying an Xbox One X, it’s certainly a nice perk that you’ll be taking advantage of frequently, assuming you’re turning the console on and off, like, ever.

Your individual experience may vary, but we’ll share what we found. Here’s how fast the Xbox One X started up for us. Starting from the moment we hit the Guide button on the controller to seeing something appear on the screen took somewhere between 10 and 12 seconds. Another second or two after that, we were at our dashboard. This was with the higher power consuming, “Instant On” feature. If you’re using energy saver settings, it will take longer.

That’s how fast the Xbox One X booted up for us but, again, you might notice slightly different results. It’s not mind-blowingly fast, but it’s certainly better to be faster than slower… well, most of the time anyway.

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