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Top 10 Best Mario Party Mini-Games of All Time


Top 10 Best Mario Party Mini-Games of All Time

Behold the true best of the best.

Crazy Cutters – Mario Party

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Let’s get this list started off the right way with the original Mario Party. Filled to the brim with plenty of phenomenal mini-games, it’s pretty difficult to figure out which are the best, but I was finally able to discern the two or three that rise above the rest. Crazy Cutters is not the best mini-game to come out of the original Mario Party, but it’s pretty close, and so it deserves a spot on this list.

Each players has to carve the shape of a Mario enemy as quickly as they can. The timer doesn’t allow for any subtlety or planning, and players just have to go as quickly as they can if they want to finish. When the timer runs out, every player is graded based on how well they were able to follow the lines of the design.

It’s a pretty fun game all things considered. It tests one’s motor skills under pressure, and allows a player with a knack for detail to compete with one who has a knack for speed.

The only problem I have with Crazy Cutters is how the game determines the winner. Rather than award the gold to the player with the highest accuracy percentage, victory is gifted to any player that can score at least 90%. Initially, there may be only one or two players in a group of friends that can achieve marks like that, but sooner or later everyone will be able to grab at least 90%. It’s not very satisfying to be the player with a 97% and see the rest of your group score 94%, 92%, and 87%, and have to share victory with two other people.

Thankfully, the game would show up again in Mario Party 2 as a battle mini-game, fixing the mistakes of the original by solely awarding the win to the top player.

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