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5 Things We Can’t Wait to Do in Far Cry 5


5 Things We Can’t Wait to Do in Far Cry 5

Not much longer to wait.

Taking on Missions in Co-Op

5 Things We Can’t Wait to Do in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 doesn’t want you to take on the cultists alone, whether you’ve got other friends or family members able to help you out or not. The ‘For Hire’ NPCs, each of which bringing a handy ability to the firefight, will be there when players want to run solo, but there’s something about the prospect of taking on Far Cry 5’s entire campaign in co-op that has us very excited.

In previous entries in the series, we’ve always thought about how bad-ass it’d be if you had a competent buddy by your side, joining you in a two-pronged attack on an enemy camp or laying down some suppressing fire on pursuing vehicles. Far Cry 5 looks set to allow you to do exactly that, and that’s something absolutely worth getting excited about.

You see, with another pair of human-controlled hands, there’s a whole host of creative ways to tackle the same ol’ scenarios. Does one of you run in all guns blazing while the other picks them off with a sniper? Do you charge in with a vehicle while your buddy peppers enemies with rounds from an AK-47? Or do you opt for a complete stealth option and both try and melee your way to success. With an array of weapons, vehicles, and options available to players, the main missions are sure to have a bolstered sense of replayability.

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