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5 Biggest Changes Made to Star Wars Battlefront II’s Multiplayer


5 Biggest Changes Made to Star Wars Battlefront II’s Multiplayer


Character Classes and Squads

Star Wars Battlefront II

Twinfinite recently got some extensive hands-on time with Star Wars Battlefront 2’s multiplayer. We played each mode and map featured in the game at launch including Galactic Assault, Strike, Heroes vs. Villains, and more. There’s a few things that stood out to us in our time with the game so far, so here’s the most drastic changes that have happened with Battlefront 2. Make sure to stay tuned for more on Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the near future.

By far one of the biggest changes coming with Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the introduction of characters classes. The first game essentially let you build characters how you wanted, giving you different loadouts to build and use. This time around, there are four base character classes to choose between, similarly to the original Battlefront games. These are Assault – a well rounded attacking class, Heavy – a tank style attacker, Officer – a supporting and defensive class, and Specialist – a stealthy sniper class. Each one functions differently, and comes with its own set of abilities, weapons, and Star Cards. Using weapons to get kills unlocks more weapons and mods for them, while Star Cards can be obtained through a couple different ways, which we’ll go over.

What this means, though, is that each player has a role to fill. The classes in Star Wars Battlefront 2 aren’t quite as drastic in their differences as something like Battlefield, but the differences are enough that you want to know how to properly handle each one. At the same time, now players are grouped into four man squads during matches. You’re grouped into a squad nearly each time you respawn, and fighting near and with your squad members will boost the amount of Battle Points you get.

There’s a reason this feature is even more important, however, as it means you won’t really be rushing into battle entirely on your own. Instead you’ve got at least one or two other players heading into the combat zone with you. It works well in keeping you right in the action, and it’s an effort to try and promote a little more teamwork in matches. Still, the new class system provides a little more structure to multiplayer matches, and that’s a good thing.

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