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CoD WW2: How to Find All Hidden Gridiron Balls in Headquarters


CoD WW2: How to Find All Hidden Gridiron Balls in Headquarters

How to Find All Hidden Gridiron Balls in CoD WW2’s Headquarters

Following in the footsteps of Destiny and its sequel, Sledgehammer has added a hub world called Headquarters into CoD WW2. These Headquarters are where you’re able to open Supply Drops and pick up mail. However, the developer has also added some easter eggs into the shared area, including some gridiron balls which you can pick up and throw. Here’s where you’ll find all of the hidden gridiron balls in CoD WW2’s Headquarters:

  1. From where you spawn in the Headquarters, head forwards and to the right, to the front of the anti-aircraft weapon bunker. You then need to jump onto the broken concrete block just to the side of it by standing on the raised area right at the edge and jumping towards it, away from the bunker. Once you’re on it, turn around and leap into the bunker itself, where you’ll see one of the hidden gridiron balls just in front of you.
  2. The second one is a little harder to find. Head to the theatre at the back of the Headquarters, it will be signposted by an arrow in a doorway. Once you’re in, head to the back left corner by the sign saying ‘Stay on Road’. Jump onto the shorter part of the wall and then up to the part of the wall that meets the awning, allowing you to jump onto the roof. Then head to the right, where you’ll see a gap between two walls, with a short piece of concrete between them that you’ll need to jump on. Then, leap over to the larger wall and along it to the other end. Now, turn to your left and jump onto the top of the pipe sticking out of the wall in front of you. Then jump onto the roof by jumping up slightly and shimmying to the right until you can jump up easily. Head all the way around the back of the building, going to the left, and into the alcove, where you’ll find the second of the hidden gridiron balls at the far end, by the column.
  3. For the third and hardest of the hidden gridiron balls, start at the bottom of the scorestreak tower. Stand on the near side of the right side of the tower, if you began looking at the ladder. Jump onto the tower at the corner, and then up onto the thinner piece of wood on the tower above it, which can be very fiddly. Then, jump forward onto the part of wood sticking out at the corner and turn to the left, where you’ll need to drop down slightly. Once you’ve done so, shimmy forward and jump up twice to the top of the tower and into the platform, where you’ll find the ball.

That is where you’ll find all the hidden gridiron balls in CoD WW2. For more tips, tricks and guides, check out our extensive wiki.

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