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CoD WW2: All Headquarters Secrets


CoD WW2: All Headquarters Secrets

Find some secrets and earn EXP!

All Secrets in CoD WW2 Headquarters

Aside from serving as a social hub where you can interact with fellow Call of Duty: WWII players, Headquarters has a few secrets for you to uncover. Best of all, completing these activities will reward you with experience points.

So far, only two secrets have been uncovered in Headquarters, namely the hidden gridiron balls which you can pick up and throw and the watermelon targets in the firing range.

There are a total of three gridiron balls in Headquarters, and you’ll need a lot of luck and patience to get all of them. You can check this piece for an in-depth written guide on getting all the gridiron balls or check the bulleted list below for those who simply want to get an idea where they’re located.

  • The easiest gridiron ball to get is located in front of the anti-aircraft weapon bunker.
  • One of the gridiron balls can be obtained from the top of the building where Major Howards is located, and you can get there by jumping onto the concrete wall in the theater area. Additionally, there’s a sledgehammer logo on the top of this building, which references CoD WW2 developer Sledgehammer Games.
  • The third one is located on the scorestreak tower, and you’ll need to perform a series of jumps on hidden ledges in order for you to get to the top of the platform.

For the firing range secrets, you simply need to shoot certain targets in succession. Completing each sequence will reward you with a few watermelons appearing inside the firing rage.

  • The first sequence is the easiest to complete. Facing the center of the firing range, shoot all 6 circular black and white targets to your right. After you do this, six more circular targets will appear. Once done, two human targets will pop up. Simply wreck both of them to complete the first firing range sequence.
  • To finish the second sequence, it’s recommended to have a gun with a good scope. To start this, shoot all six circular targets of the same color in the farthermost tower. It doesn’t matter if you shoot red or blue targets first as you will continue with the step as you long as you clear all targets of the same color. Once that’s done, two human targets will appear on top of that tower, and killing both will cause two male targets and a female target to appear on the far-end of the firing range. Simply kill both male targets to finish this sequence.
  • The third sequence is nearly impossible to complete solo, so you should try to gather some friends in your Headquarters to help you out. To start the third sequence, simply shoot all human targets that appear in the middle of the firing range. After you destroy the lone human target, a clay pigeon will be thrown into the sky. If you manage to shoot this, two clay pigeons will be thrown at the same time. If you manage to hit both, three clay pigeons will be thrown. If you manage to shoot all of these, you’ll be rewarded with a few experience points and a grand fireworks celebration.

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