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The Top 6 Best Battle Royale Games, Ranked


The Top 6 Best Battle Royale Games, Ranked

Which of these is the definitive last man standing experience?

6. The Culling

The Culling

If you’re a Hunger Games fan, The Culling is the battle royale experience you’ve been looking for. The game is heavily inspired by the hit movie series, complete with floating advertisement boards that play on the dystopian premise. It’s similarly focused on melee combat via improvised weaponry and traps, too. Firearms can be found but tend to come with precious little ammunition, so you’re forced to get up-close-and-personal with your enemy. In fact, if you’re somewhat squeamish when it comes to violence then you might want to give The Culling a pass — it features bloody, violent combat that really hammers home the cold brutality of The Hunger Games and battle royale movie franchises.

The Culling doesn’t quite have the scale of the epic one hundred player showdowns seen in other battle royale-type games, with servers limited to just sixteen players. But the smaller maps and server size do help bring together players in savage melee combat sequences, which is ultimately what this game does best. In terms of replayability, though, it doesn’t quite have the staying power of other battle royale titles as a result of this less tactical approach to combat. That being said, there is a duos mode that works really well, if you’re interested in playing with a buddy. 

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