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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Turn Into a Frog


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Turn Into a Frog

Ribbit Ribbit.


Probably the biggest new gameplay feature in Super Mario Odyssey is the ability to capture and take over all kinds of enemies with the help of Mario’s hat, Cappy. Cappy assists Mario throughout the game by being able to be thrown, jumped on, and having the power for Mario to straight-up “possess” a ton of different enemies, including a T-Rex or a frog.

Using the capture ability in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario can throw his hat and use the powers of his foes to complete puzzles and uncover secret areas and power moons that are just waiting to be collected. Once you end up finding a little, cute green frog, you just have to throw your hat at it by pressing the Y or X button. Once you do that, you’ll no longer be in control of Mario but will have full control of an adorable frog. You’ll be able to use its abilities and also just look very cute.

If you guys need any more help in Super Mario Odyssey, just make sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide that is full of tricks and tips to make your adventure through the kingdoms a bit more pleasant.

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