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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Throw Your Hat in a Circle


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Throw Your Hat in a Circle

How to Throw Your Hat in a Circle in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has finally arrived, but the controls are rightfully getting the better of some of us. You’ve certainly seen in trailers that Mario can throw his new companion Cappy in a circle, creating a devastating attack that can take out tons of enemies, but how do you do it? Fear not, because we have the answer for you.

To throw your hat in a circle in Super Mario Odyssey, all you need to do is flick both of your Joy-Cons to the left or right. And it’s that easy! You’ll find yourself taking on massive groups of enemies without fear with this incredibly useful trick. The hat will circle around Mario, destroying all enemies in its path.

It’s worth noting here that you don’t have to press Y or X to throw your hat as you normally do. Simply flick both Joy-Cons to the left or right, even when you’re walking. There are also other tricks you can do, like throwing it with Y and holding the button down. Cappy will levitate in the air, allowing you to jump on it for a boost.

That’s all for this guide, but check out our wiki for more information on Super Mario Odyssey.

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