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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get Cappy Back in the Lost Kingdom


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get Cappy Back in the Lost Kingdom

Ground pound your way to freedom.

How to Get Cappy Back in the Lost Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey

After your big battle with Bowser, Mario and Cappy will crash land in the Lost Kingdom, where you’ll soon be stripped of Super Mario Odyssey’s central gameplay mechanic. After exiting the Odyssey, Cappy is quickly whisked away by a bird, and Mario will have to try to get him back without the help of his hat-throwing and attacking abilities.

Thankfully, the journey to getting Cappy back in Super Mario Odyssey isn’t too arduous. From the airship, follow the fairly linear path that leads you upwards. Along the way, you should see some light brown colored blocks. These blocks can be shifted with Mario’s ground pound ability, allowing you to make stairs to access higher areas. When you get to the next part, you’ll find Cappy and the bird hovering over one of these blocks. The idea here is to hit the bird from below with one of the blocks. Head towards the bird and bait it to fly over the lower block. You’ll then want to ground pound the higher block to shift it and knock the bird, thus freeing your sentient hat buddy from its clutches. You’ll be able to explore normally again in Super Mario Odyssey once you’ve done this.

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