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Super Mario Odyssey: What to Do With the Female Goomba (Disappearing Goomba)


Super Mario Odyssey: What to Do With the Female Goomba (Disappearing Goomba)

Goomba’s need love too.


In Super Mario Odyssey, our titular mustachioed hero is once again on a quest to save his love, Princess Peach, from the clutches of the evil dinosaur/dragon/turtle that is Bowser. Mario’s strong love for Peach is what pushes him to do whatever it takes to complete his goal. Sure, Mario needs some love from Peach, but what about Goombas? Yes. Goombas need love too, and in Super Mario Odyssey, the lady Goombas will reward you with a power moon if you give ’em some.

In what seems like every kingdom, you will encounter a female Goomba with a little red bow on her head, usually sitting atop a high place waiting for her true love to come by. Where there are lady Goombas, there are also male ones who are just asking to be captured. Capture one of them and then proceed to hop on top of the other ones to gain height. You have to be able to get close to the girl for that power moon, so make sure to grab them all without accidentally killing them or getting yourself hurt. Remember that you can get a little higher jumping ability if you shake the Joy-Con. Stack them up and you’ll have yourself a shiny new power moon in no time.

If you find yourself ever getting stuck in Super Mario Odyssey, make sure to check out our ever-growing wiki on the game right here for all of your Mario tips and tricks.

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