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Super Mario Odyssey: What to Do After Beating the Game


Super Mario Odyssey: What to Do After Beating the Game

What to Do After Beating the Game in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey’s initial story campaign is not all that long. While enjoyable, it only takes about 10 hours or so to complete your initial run through of SMO.

That said, beating the story is just one part of the journey in Super Mario Oddysey. The post game content is just as lengthy, if not more so.

Your goal after beating the game is to continue your quest to collect all of the Moons in SMO for a secret that we won’t spoil here. Doing so will be incredibly challenging and unless you’re a SMO pro, will probably take you quite a bit of time to do. The post game also adds Moon Rocks, which when found and opened, adds more Moons to the game’s various kingdoms.

Beating the game also opens up the Mushroom Kingdom, which features more challenging versions of the bosses found throughout the game. You can also find your ol’ pal Yoshi, and control him with Cappy. He has a familiar playing style that has been seen in other Mario/Yoshi games, and you can use him to get a few more Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. There are also races you can participate in throughout various kingdoms and compare your times with others around the world. Just look for a Green Koopa standing by a board with a crown to get started.

Finally, you can follow Princess Peach around in her adventure. After being rescued, she decides to go on her own quest to see all of the kingdoms on her own terms. You can find her on every Kingdom after beating the game and will reward you with a Moon once you find her.

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