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Super Mario Odyssey: All Princess Peach Locations in Post Game


Super Mario Odyssey: All Princess Peach Locations in Post Game

The princess is in another kingdom.

All Princess Peach Locations in Super Mario Odyssey’s Post-Game

Super Mario Odyssey follows Mario on another adventure to save Princess Peach, who is being forced into marriage by Bowser. After the journey is over, the princess decides to take a little vacation and explore all of the kingdoms on her own terms. Here’s where to find Princess Peach in the Super Mario Odyssey post-game.

  • Cap Kingdom – Princess Peach will start her vacation in the Cap Kingdom along with Tiara. You can find them to the east of the Crazy Cap branch. She’ll be dressed in all black when you see her.
  • Cascade Kingdom – Warp up to the Fossil Falls and turn left to find Princess Peach. She’ll be at the edge of the waterfall dressed in some explorer gear.
  • Sand Kingdom – Once you arrive, warp over to the Tostarena Ruins and jump on the electricity wire leading to the top of the pyramid. Once again, Princess Peach and Tiara will be standing near the ledge. This time, she’ll be wearing a white and pink dress.
  • Wooded Kingdom – Head over to the Secret Flower Field Entrance and turn around. Find the P button next to the kettle robot and then climb up the platforms that lead to the Observation Deck. You’ll find Princess Peach staring at some flowers, wearing the same explorer gear from the Cascade Kingdom.
  • Lake Kingdom – Head up the platforms and find her at the top of the Plaza. She’ll be wearing some beach gear and shades. Take note that she won’t tell you that she’s going here in Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Cloud Kingdom – You can find them at the opposite end of the map once you jump on the main platform. She’ll be wearing her white and pink dress from the Sand Kingdom.
  • Lost Kingdom – Head on up to the Crazy Cap shop near the Rocky Mountain Summit flag. She’ll be wearing her explorer outfit.
  • Metro Kingdom – Warp to the Rooftop Garden and take the electricity wire. From there, use the pole to fling yourself up to the next level. Keep jumping until you reach the top to find Princess Peach in her white and pink dress.
  • Snow Kingdom – Teleport to Above the Ice Wall and drop down the hole. Run down the hill and stop right before you hit the steps to find her. She’ll be sporting her black dress from the Cap Kingdom. Here’s another location in Super Mario Odyssey where Princess Peach won’t tell you she’ll be stopping by.
  • Seaside Kingdom – Once you’re here, propel yourself to the central fountain using one of the four jets. She’ll be standing directly on top of the platformer sporting her beach gear from the Lake Kingdom.
  • Luncheon Kingdom – Head on over to the Peronza Plaza and walk towards the columns to the right where you’ll see her. She’s dressed in some blue overalls and a pink shirt.
  • Ruined Kingdom – Head back up the dragon via the electricity cable. You can find her to the right of the dragon, standing fearlessly in her white and pink dress.
  • Bowser’s Kingdom – Princess Peach will be standing near the Super Mario Odyssey Crazy Cap shop, wearing a white kimono.
  • Moon Kingdom – Warm over to Ever-After Hill and head around to the back of the church. Capture the frog and bounce up the church to the bell at the top. She will be wearing her black dress.
  • Mushroom Kingdom – Speak to the Toad at the entrance. He will tell you that Princess Peach has just returned from her little adventure. Work your way around the castle until you manage to reach the roof. From there, jump down to the balcony and speak with the princess one last time.

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