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November 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


November 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

After Halloween we need something else to look forward to.

night in the woods 2, indie



As October reaches its end with Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to think forward to next month and take a stab at what free games will be included in the PS Plus membership line-up for November 2017. Every month, there is usually one larger game chosen to buff up the list a bit, and we’ve had some pretty great inclusions over the last few months. Most notably was the inclusion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for October 2017, which made a lot of PlayStation fans pretty happy.

For November, we suspect Night in the Woods would be a great entry to the list. Although Night in the Woods is technically an indie game from game studio Infinite Fall (you’ll see the indie section for our game’s predictions on page two), it received enough praise and attention since its release last February to be considered a big game release on the PS4.

Night in the Woods is an extremely well-written exploration game wherein you play as Mae Borowski, a 20-year old college dropout who returns back to her small town of Possum Springs to a few mysterious sub-plots including a missing high school friend and figuring out why exactly Mae left her school in the first place. It’s a wonderful game to play in the fall, as its world and art style invoke themes from that season with rich oranges and reds scattered throughout the world along with Halloween actually taking place during the events of the game.

As well, Night in the Woods only released for PS4 and PC. Offering more exclusive game releases is always a surefire way for Sony to make PS Plus members happy.

Check out page two where we go over the possible indie game inclusion for November 2017’s free games list.

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