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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Shadow Strike


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Shadow Strike

How to Shadow Strike in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

There are many possibilities for attacking enemies in Shadow of War, with many being tied to specific skill trees. One of those helpful attacks is the Shadow Strike, which is one of Talion’s Ranged Skills.

The Ranged Skills are a branch of the overall Skills that Talion can use in Shadow of War and they focus on archery and other forms of ranged combat, as well as Celebrimbor’s teleporting abilities. Shadow Strike is one of the five main Predator Skills that can be unlocked in the game.

Shadow Strike allows you to instantaneously reach an enemy and take them down. To perform a Shadow strike, you need to aim at the enemy you’re attacking, press the left trigger and attack buttons to kill them or left trigger and counter buttons to stun them. Doing so will consume your Elf-shot supply.

There are also side upgrades that you can unlock for the Shadow Strikes skill. Only one can be activated at a time. The three upgrade options are:

  • Chain of Shadows – Press attack or counter during a Shadow Strike to chain to additional enemies. Focus is consumed for each additional enemy targeted.
  • Shadow Strike Pull – Pull a targeted enemy to you and kill them by holding the attack button or stun them by holding the counter button.
  • Shadow Dominate – While aiming at an enemy, press the left trigger and Wraith Stun button to reach them instantaneously and Dominate them. You need to have completed the Eltariel Quests to activate this upgrade.

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