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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How To Ride Graugs


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How To Ride Graugs

How To Ride Graugs in Middle-earth Shadow of War

Graugs are hulking creatures that can make incredibly strong allies and ruthless enemies. In Shadow of War you can ride a graug which can enhance your power considerably. However there are a few prerequisites you’ll have to fulfill before you can make these giant beasts bend to your will, and there are some bonuses you can unlock that will make graugs even more useful.

Unlock the Graug Rider Skill

Before you can think about riding a graug you’ll have to unlock the Graug Rider skill. This is the second ability available in the Mounted skill tree, so you won’t have to wait long to activate it.

Dominate a Graug

Unfortunately, graugs don’t really want to cooperate with your desire to ride them. You’re gonna have to give them a good beating before they bend to your will. The easiest way to break a graug is to stun them with an arrow to the head and then slice at their legs and repeat. You’ll get a button prompt when it’s time to dodge one of their blows, and if you pay attention they’re not too hard to conquer. One thing to watch for though is their long-range boulder attack. You don’t want to get too far from a graug once you engage them because they are incredibly accurate with these big rocks and only a few hits will take you out.

Call a Graug

A little later in the Mounted skill tree you can get the ability to summon a graug at will. First you have to unlock the Call Mount skill, which allows you to summon a caragor to your side. An upgrade to Call Mount is Graug Call, which will summon a graug which you can ride or allow to do its own thing. These creatures are awesome against Orc Captains, and got me out of a lot of tough situations during my adventure.

Can You Ride Unbroken Graugs?

Calling Graugs is cool, but what if the ability is cooling down, or you just need to get an enemy graug off your back? There is a way to use the Shadow Mount skill to instantly dominate and ride unbroken graugs, but it takes a bit of work.

To ride unbroken graugs you’ll need to get at least two pieces of the Feral legendary set. Once you equip these pieces you can Shadow Mount a graug without fighting them at all.

That’s everything you need to know about riding graugs in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Check out our wiki for more on the game.

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