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Assassin’s Creed’s Full Story, Summarized For a Refresher Before Origins


Assassin’s Creed’s Full Story, Summarized For a Refresher Before Origins

Sit down, let us tell you a story.

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Birth of the Creed

Assassin’s Creed Full Story

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Born to Assassins, warriors trained to kill in order to protect human free will, Desmond Miles grew disillusioned with the Assassin Brotherhood as a child and eventually fled from his training compound at the age of 16. He survived as a bartender for many years, until Abstergo Industries kidnapped him at the age of 25. There he met the scientists Dr. Warren Vidic and Dr. Lucy Stillman, who informed him that Abstergo was really a front for the Templar Order, an organization in direct conflict with the Assassins. The Templars believe humanity is too weak to deserve free will, and only through a controlled society can the world truly prosper.

Warren and Lucy inform Desmond that his blood is valuable. Apparently, both of his parents are exceptionally racially diverse, giving Desmond a rich ancestry. The Templars have been looking for Desmond because they seek something from the past that one of Desmond’s ancestors interacted with. When asked what they are looking for, Warren remains coy and Lucy silent. The two scientists force Desmond, now christened Subject 17, into the Animus, a machine that reads a person’s genetic code and allows them to relive the memories of any of their ancestors.

Desmond awakens in the shoes of Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad, a 12th-century Syrian Assassin. Altaïr is a skilled, yet arrogant killer who is stripped of his rank after endangering the Assassin Brotherhood. He is given a chance for redemption when the Mentor of the Assassins, Al Mualim, orders him to kill nine prominent Templars in exchange for regaining his honor.

In his quest, Altaïr encounters a strange artifact that the Templars called the Apple of Eden. The device can provide its wielder with forbidden knowledge, but it strains the mind. Only those with a strong will can wield it. After he retrieves the artifact, Altaïr gives the Apple to Al Mualim before departing to kill the remaining Templars.

His final target, Robert de Sablé reveals a shocking truth: Al Mualim is actually a Templar. He had ordered Altaïr to kill the nine others so that he would be the sole wielder of the Apple. Altaïr returns to the home of the Assassins to confront Al Mualim and confirms that Robert was telling the truth. Upon killing his Mentor, the Apple reveals a map of the world. Altaïr remarks on the strange continents that have yet to be discovered, and pinpoints of light appear on the globe to hint at the locations of additional Pieces of Eden.

Desmond awakens to congratulations from Warren. The Templars were in pursuit of Pieces of Eden, and now they have the map of where each generally was. Warren orders Desmond’s execution, but Lucy quickly reminds him that Desmond may yet still prove useful. He’s got plenty of other ancestor’s after all, and wouldn’t it be amazing to discover that one of them knew the specific hiding place of one of the Pieces? Amending his order, Warren departs, and Lucy quickly gives Desmond a hint that she’s an Assassin before following her boss. Not knowing what to do, Desmond tries to get some sleep in his room, only to see his walls suddenly become covered in blood. The blood is drawn across the walls in strange markings and signed as Subject 16.

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