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All Xbox One Video Game Releases for November 2017


All Xbox One Video Game Releases for November 2017

November’s Xbox One offerings.


(WEEKS ONE & TWO: NOV. 1-11)

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October flew by and November is just lurking around the corner. Though not quite as heavy for major Xbox One game releases as the past couple months, November still has some blockbuster titles in store for fans.

Kicking things off in the first two weeks is Call of Duty: WWII. Sledgehammer Games is the team behind 2017’s entry into the series, and it’s taking players back to the roots of the series, World War II. In the campaign, players will storm the beaches of Normandy and battle their way across Europe as they try to wrestle for power against the Axis forces. On top of the campaign, WWII will also include the tried and true multiplayer formula fans of the series will know all too well. However, this year it features a number of improvements, including a new social space called Headquarters, and an all-new game mode called War (which we really liked). Oh, and there’s also a Zombies mode to keep you and your friends busy for hours on end of high-score chasing, zombie-slaying fun!

In the following week, the Xbox One also receives Super Lucky’s Tale, a non-VR version of the game that released on Oculus Rift at launch last March. Hitman: Game of the Year Edition compiles all of the contents of the popular episodic series into one package, and then rounding out the week is EA’s latest foray into the world of exotic cars and street racing in Need for Speed: Payback. You can check out the full list of Xbox One games landing in the first two weeks of November 2017 below.

  • Nov. 3 – Call of Duty: WWII
  • Nov. 7 – Super Lucky’s Tale
  • Nov. 7 – Hand of Fate 2
  • Nov. 7 – Hitman: Game of the Year Edition
  • Nov. 7 – Sonic Forces
  • Nov. 10 – Ben 10
  • Nov. 10 – Need for Speed: Payback

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