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5 Reasons to Be Excited for Super Mario Odyssey


5 Reasons to Be Excited for Super Mario Odyssey

Mario has more moves than ever.

Meet Cappy and a New Mechanic

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Each new 3D Mario game generally revolves around a new mechanic or idea, and Super Mario Odyssey is no different. This time around Mario won’t just have new moves, but a new friend to accompany him as well, Cappy. The sentient cap inhabits Mario’s hat, and it allows him to throw his hat to do various things. You can sweep up coins by throwing the hat, and attack enemies. That’s not all though, as you can also make the hat hover in place and then jump on it for an extra boost across long gaps. Finally, Cappy also lets you play co-op in Mario Odyssey, with one player controlling Mario himself and the other controlling Cappy.

Just like the F.L.U.D.D. in Super Mario Sunshine, Cappy is a versatile new tool, while also functioning as a brand new character to the series. Even with its myriad of small uses, the one big new feature of Mario Odyssey also comes with Cappy.

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