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10 Creepiest Video Game Locations to Get You in the Halloween Spirit


10 Creepiest Video Game Locations to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Talk about spooky.

Silent Hill – Silent Hill Series

Let alone being creepy, Silent Hill is one of the most iconic locations in all of gaming. The sleepy little town in Maine is where most games in the series take place, along with a host of locations within the town like Lakeside Amusement Park and Wish House Orphanage. On the surface it looks like an idyllic small American town, but Silent Hill holds dark secrets underneath its facade.

Tons of dark stories and things happen in the town like murders, an influx of drugs, monsters, ghosts, supposed alien abductions and more. This has led to nasty rumors surrounding the town, like it being a portal to hell. Of course the truth is that the town plays host to a horrible alternate reality called the Fog World and Otherworld, inhabited by vicious monsters that seep into reality. No one can forget wandering the empty streets of Silent Hill in that horrible fog, only to be ambushed by some unseen horror. It certainly doesn’t help that air raid sirens often accompany the shift to the Fog World, only increasing the creepiness to absurd levels. Silent Hill has played host to countless scares, and memorable creatures like Pyramid Head and the Nurses.

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