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Where To Buy the SNES Classic


Where To Buy the SNES Classic

Where to Buy the SNES Classic

The SNES Classic is finally out in stores, featuring over 20 classic games from the system, including the never before released Star Fox 2. If you tried to get an NES Classic last year your might remember how difficult it was to find one both online and in stores, and while it looks like the SNES is going to have more stock it could be tough to find for a while at least. We’ll help you figure out everywhere you can buy a SNES Classic, both online and in store, so you can keep an eye on things and check your local stores.

Target – Target unfortunately isn’t selling systems online yet, but they do have a splash page up for the system. All Targer sales of the SNES Classic are in-store and walk-in early. Each store did, however, pass out tickets at open, so if you weren’t there at 8am it’s pretty much up in the air if you can walk in and find one. You can use the site BrickSeek to check store inventory with the DPCI (207-29-7001) and your zip code, to see if stores near you have stock, but again they may not be exactly up to date, so your best bet is to just walk in and ask.

Gamestop – Gamestop was also only doing walk-ins for the SNES Classic at open, however, they do have a few pricey bundles available for the system as well. Gamestop was getting limited numbers of the system, so there’s no guarantee you can nab one, but if you’ve got a store near you it might be worth checking. Just don’t be surprised if it’s only a bundle you can purchase. You can see the SNES Classic splash page here, although there are no systems for sale on the website at the moment.

Walmart – Just like Target, Walmart did not do any online sales of the system, outside of preorders taken months ago. Keep in mind Walmarts opened earlier in the day, most at 6am, so they’re bound to be pretty picked over. However, it does sound like each store got decent stock at least. You can also use BrickSeek to check store inventories with the SKU (741659089) and your zip code, but again the numbers might not be totally up to date.

Best Buy – Best Buy was using a ticketing system to sell most of their SNES Classics, handing them out at 7am. It’s a bit harder to find inventory numbers for Best Buy, so this probably isn’t your best bet today all things considered. Still, you can keep an eye on the web page for the SNES to see if anything goes live, or check in at your local store.

Toys R’ Us – Like the other stores, Toys R’ Us didn’t do online orders today, only in-store purchases. There also isn’t a good way to check stock here, but the web page does read “coming soon” on their site, or you can check in at a local store for the SNES Classic.

ThinkGeek – ThinkGeek started selling systems the morning of Sept. 29 online, however, they soon tweeted that all of their systems had sold out. It doesn’t seem likely here, but here’s the link to the landing page just in case they happen to get more.

Amazon – Amazon opened up preorders for the SNES Classic months back, and it hasn’t gone on sale since, even today. Here’s the link to the web page, which only has third party sellers at the moment for exorbitant prices. There may be a couple alternatives however. Apparently according to CNet, the SNES Classic is being sold by the Amazon Treasure Truck, which expanded to 18 major cities today. Take a look at their article here for more info, and to see if you might be lucky enough. There’s also a possibility that the system might be available for Amazon Instant Pickup via the Amazon App, in select cities.

For more on the SNES Classic, make sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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