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Licensed Nintendo Switch SanDisk Memory Cards Are Coming


Licensed Nintendo Switch SanDisk Memory Cards Are Coming

Nintendo-branded memory is a thing.

You’ve got use extra memory with your Nintendo Switch, and Western Digital knows this. It’s also common knowledge that products with Mario and other Nintendo characters on them sell like hotcakes. So the fact that Nintendo and Western Digital are working together to bring official Nintendo-licensed memory cards to the market shouldn’t be a surprise.

The microSDXC cards will be availalbe in both 64 GB and 128 GB sizes and will be emblazoned with both Nintendo Switch and SanDisk logos. You know how you always seem to need more space on your Switch and find yourself fumbling around for one of these tiny cards? Might as well buy up a bunch of these little guys to keep on hand for the massive amount of games coming for Switch over the next year or so, especially with all of the indies on the way.

The 64 GB and 128 GB microSDXC SanDisk memory cards will be marching their way to retailers in October 2017, so you should have plenty of space by the time Super Mario Odyssey rolls around and you start filling up your entire Switch memory card with awesome screenshots. That’s going to happen, you know.


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