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Destiny 2: What to Spend Glimmer on


Destiny 2: What to Spend Glimmer on

What to Spend Glimmer On in Destiny 2

If you’ve been pouring hours into Destiny 2, you’ve probably noticed you have a ton of Glimmer just sitting there, waiting to be spent. However, some guardians seem to be struggling to find something worthwhile to spend their Glimmer on.

Our own personal suggestion is to head to Cayde-6 at the social space and pick up some of his treasure maps. These maps lead you directly to caches hidden away on planets that contain some rare and powerful gear or other items. These cost about 4,000 Glimmer each, so you should be able to buy a fair few.

Alternatively, you can pour your hard-earned currency into applying shaders to your ship or Sparrow. Applying one shader alone to either of these can cost you up to 15,000, so it’s well worth having a good amount saved up just in case you want to overhaul all of your gear with a slick new paint job.

For those who reach the dizzying heights of 280 Power and above in Destiny 2, you’ll also unlock another way to spend your hard-earned Glimmer. After hitting this level, you’ll be able to combine blue mods to make purple ones. You’ll need three blues to make a Legendary mod, but a Legendary mod will also raise the light of what it’s put on by five. You can grab blue mods from Banshee-44 at the Tower for 2500 each, so that’s one way of sinking some cash in Destiny 2.

Glimmer is also required for infusing gear if you want to power up a piece of equipment. Along with the required number of legendary shards, you’ll also need a few thousand Glimmer to complete the infusion.

Outside of that, there’s not a whole ton more that’s worth spending your Glimmer on in Destiny 2. While this could well change with in-game events and activities in the future, for now, it might be best to just save up if neither of the above options appeals to you.

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