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Destiny 2: How to Trigger Devil Walker Heroic Public Event


Destiny 2: How to Trigger Devil Walker Heroic Public Event

How to Trigger the Devil Walker Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2

Yup, the Devil Walker beasts are back in Destiny 2. But don’t worry, while they’re still essentially tanks with legs, you won’t be firing at them forever. Also, to help you out, these events go a bit differently from before. A new mechanic that grants players access to Scorch Cannons makes the fight much faster and is also tied to triggering the heroic version of this Destiny 2 public event.

When you weaken the Devil Walker (by destroying the armor on one of its legs) it will drop down and do the whole expose its neck just like in the first Destiny. However, in Destiny 2, the Devil Walker will also drop a few orbs for players to pick up. These orbs unlock bubbles that you can see around the area where you’re fighting. Inside of the bubbles are Scorch Cannons which can deal massive damage to all enemies.

Opening all of the bubbles will trigger the Heroic public event which summons a second Devil Walker for you and any nearby players to contend with. It ups the challenge a bit since these fights tend to take place in smaller spaces, but if you know how to kill one, killing two shouldn’t prove to be overly difficult.

Once they’re both down, collect your rewards and brag to your clan about how you took out two of those nasty behemoths at once.

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