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Destiny 2 The Lake of Shadows Strike: How to Beat Grask


Destiny 2 The Lake of Shadows Strike: How to Beat Grask

How to Beat Grask in Destiny 2’s The Lake of Shadows Strike

Destiny 2 has a handful of strikes available for courageous fireteams to dive into. One of those strikes is currently a PS4 exclusive and knocks players around as they work their way deeper into a water plant. It’s called the Lake of Shadows and the final boss is Grask, the Consumed, a powerful Taken Cabal. You fight him in a relatively small room that doesn’t offer tons of cover, but he’s not overly difficult if you approach him the right way.

The arena is a round room with a few raised areas around the edges. Throughout the fight with Grask black, Taken sludge will rise, drastically decreasing the amount of land you have to work with. It’s mostly there to make you panic, but if you play smart it really doesn’t change the fight all that much.

The first thing you and your fireteam want to do as soon as the fight starts is clear out all the extra little enemies. This will make moving around and actually focusing on this Destiny 2 boss much easier. Once they’re down, spread out around the boss, sticking to the edges of the arena. The distance is to prevent him from using his Phalanx shield to send you flying. While it won’t necessarily kill you, it will put you in tricky situations, such as in the black sludge, or right in the path of some sniping enemies.

While you’re spread out, just plug away at Grask’s health, using Power ammo if you’ve got it, or just your standard Kinetics. Every now and then he will summon more small enemies, and Knights standing at the edges. Take out the Knights first as they can set the floor on fire. With the rising water, the last thing you need is to lose more ground. Seeing as how the boss doesn’t fare incredibly well at range, keeping the edges clear for you and your fireteam makes this an easy fight.

As far as supers go, use them if you got them. Tether does a great job at keeping Grask locked down, and anything that deals damage is fair game. This Destiny 2 boss can move quickly when he really wants to, so make sure you’ve got a clear shot before letting something like a Void Bomb go. Other than that, it’s just whittling down the boss’ health while making sure the small enemies don’t overwhelm you. That’s all there is to it. Good luck, guardians.

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