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Tucked Away Lore in Destiny 2 May Hint at the Rise of a Taken Queen

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Tucked Away Lore in Destiny 2 May Hint at the Rise of a Taken Queen

What is Eris Morn up to…?

By our accounts, Bungie has delivered on their promise to provide a far more interesting main story campaign. It’s a vast improvement over the first game which had infamous moments such as the Wizard that came from the Moon and having “no time to explain” what was going on in the story. That said, even the original Destiny never lacked interesting hidden lore that dedicated players could dig into and there are many questions from the past that still remain unanswered. One of the chief examples is what’s going on with the Taken?

At the end of The Taken King’s raid, King’s Fall, players officially defeat Oryx and send his corpse hurtling towards Saturn. Eris Morn sticks around, but an ending after the main story shows that her loyalties lie with a queen. From that point on, many players felt that the Taken would somehow be tied to Eris, especially after noticing that when Destiny 2 starts, she’s nowhere to be found. When asked, Cayde-6, and some other NPCs, state that she hasn’t been seen since Ghaul took over the city. So her whereabouts are a mystery.

It’s not until reaching Io that we get a possible glimpse at who may be stepping up to take the reigns of the powerful army that Oryx put together. Io is the first planet where players will encounter the Taken. Their rifts and defensive wards are found everywhere, as is that distinctive, eerie music that accompanies their presence. It’s also where you’ll find a curious point of interest that you can scan with your Ghost.

There’s a Taken Orb that gives a simple anecdote when investigated. Your Ghost will remark that there are voices, but they’re only chanting one thing repeatedly – Savathun.

For those who don’t know, Savathun is a Witch-Queen and viewed as one of the contemporary gods of the Hive as we know them today. She is the sister of Xivu Arath and Oryx, the Taken King, who guardians slew back during Destiny’s first major expansion. Like Oryx and her sister, she gained power from the Worms of Fundament, the homeworld of the Hive. The Worm she took into her body requires that she keeps devouring others to continue, so she became like a deity.

Now of all of Oryx’s family, Savathun is one of the few still alive. After a discussion with Oryx about the morality of what they were doing, devouring worlds and expanding the reach of the Hive, Savathun decided that she should leave in order to grow. She felt that they should all take time to become different, their own people rather than, for lack of a better term, a simple hive mind. So she took her Hive clan and went into a black hole. Luckily for her, she was able to avoid the fate that awaited Oryx and the rest of his family that were in the Solar System.

Now it’s likely that word of her brother’s death, the former king, reached her. Also, the Taken are on the look out for a new leader, something that Ikora Rey alludes to while trying to figure out Ghaul’s plans for the Traveler. When you combine that with the incessant chanting mean that we may be moving towards a continuation of that mysterious, inter-dimensional army. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for more information concerning the Taken, Savathun, Eris Morn, or any interesting Hive movements.

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