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Destiny 2: Story Explained (Spoilers)


Destiny 2: Story Explained (Spoilers)

A new beginning.

This may come as a surprise to some, but Destiny 2 actually has a story, and it’s really darn good. The plot takes players through many worlds and pits them against various foes, but it also introduces NPCs and several new plot points to grab hold of.

For new players, some of it may be a lot to take in and can be sort of confusing. We’re going to break down the story to make it all a bit clearer for you. This goes for returning players as well, who probably were expecting little more than another convoluted quest again. Brace yourselves, guardians, it’s time to see what went down and what possibly awaits us.

This breakdown will be focusing on the war with the Red Legion and the core plot. This should go without saying, but there will be a ton of spoilers ahead. If you’d rather play first then come and look for clarity after, we suggest you exit this article right now. If you just really want to know what happens, continue on.


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