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Destiny 2: How to Migrate a Clan


Destiny 2: How to Migrate a Clan

How to Migrate a Clan in Destiny 2

When it was revealed that Destiny 2 would replace the previous game’s Group feature with Clans, it was no surprise that some players began to wonder what would happen to the Groups they already created. Back in July, Bungie revealed Destiny players would be allowed to migrate their Groups over to Destiny 2 as Clans. The migration tool went live during the same month and gave players a limited amount of time to transfer their Groups over along with a few restrictions. Destiny 2’s new Clan system will cap members at 100 while also prohibiting Clans from forming alliances with other Clans.

The process to migrate a clan was a very simple one but it, unfortunately, asked players to make up their minds pretty early one. Players who have only recently decided to buy into Destiny 2 and want to migrate a Clan over to the name game are out of luck. The process went live in July and players had up until August 23 to make the decision to keep their Group. If you didn’t migrate your Clan by then, you’ll just have to start from scratch by making a new Clan or finding a new Clan to join.

If you have any other questions about Clans or about the game in general, head on over to our wiki!

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