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Destiny 2: How to Join a Clan


Destiny 2: How to Join a Clan

How to Join a Clan in Destiny 2

When Destiny 2 was first announced, Bungie didn’t waste any time promoting the improvements that had been made to Destiny’s Clan system. What was once referred to as Groups has received a major overhaul for Destiny 2 and will make joining a Clan a far more meaningful part of your gaming experience. The new Clan feature will bring many similarities of the Group feature over to Destiny 2 while also allowing players to transfer their Groups over to Destiny 2 as a Clan instead.

But while some players will be looking to simply transfer their Group over as an established Clan, many other Destiny 2 players will be looking to join one for the first time. Fortunately, it will be pretty easy to find and join Clans and you’ll even have multiple ways to go about doing so. You will be able to search and join Clans through or by using the Companion App. No matter which one you use, the process will essentially be the same. You’ll want to start by making sure you have a Bungie account that is currently linked to a platform account. This must be done before you will be eligible to join any Clans in Destiny 2. If you’re hoping to receive invitations to join other Clans, you’ll also need to have your Destiny account linked to your Bungie profile.

Everything from this point forward is incredibly easy. Whether you’re on the Companion App or using you’ll just need to navigate to the page for Clans and search for the Clan you are looking to join. If you don’t have a Clan in mind, you’ll also have the option to simply browse around a bit and see if you find a clan that interests you. Once you find the Clan you want to be a part of, you can select to send a request to join that Clan. If the Clan is an Open Membership Clan you will be added right away. For Clans that require approval, you will have to wait for a player with the proper authority to accept your request to join the Clan.

Keep in mind that there are also Invite Only Clans. These Clans will require that a player with the proper authority sends you an invitation to join the Clan.

Joining a Clan will likely be just the beginning of your intergalactic journey so feel free to check out or Destiny 2 wiki if you run into any other questions along the way!

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