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Destiny 2: How to Get to Max Power Level (Max Light Level) Easily


Destiny 2: How to Get to Max Power Level (Max Light Level) Easily

How to Get to Max Power (Light) Level Easily in Destiny 2

Getting to max Power (what Destiny 2 calls Light) is no small task. You can’t just walk around killing random aliens and hope that it will happen (well you can, but it will take a very long time). It requires hard work and dedication, and a bunch of hours, but you can make your life a bit easier by following some basic tips.

At first, you’ll have to fight to get to 260, which is below the 300 max light. This is because most of the basic means cap out at around there and then higher growth is extremely rare. Here are some tips to get to 260 Power/Light.

Beat the Story – You’ll obtain some solid rewards simply by playing through the story which includes a few legendary and exotic pieces of armor and weaponry. These are always at a higher power level than you are currently, so tied with your constant EXP gains this is not a bad start. Also, progressing through Destiny 2’s story unlocks more activities and missions for you and your Fireteam to embark upon. You’ll want to gain access to as much content as possible, as this will ensure that you always have something to do, and you won’t have to deal with the monotony of doing the same one activity over, and over, and over.

Heroic Public Events Are Your Friends – You will always get some form of loot for doing a Public Event, even if you fail, and it will always contribute to you getting stronger. However, doing Heroic versions grants more, and better loot. Failing a Heroic is much better than failing a standard one as you can still get gear and not just Tokens.

Crucible – The Crucible has some solid drops when it comes to loot. If you’re talented at PvP, go show off for all the other Guardians out there to see and collect some gear while you’re at it (including the chance at exotic drops).

Adventures and Lost Sectors – These two activities will always provide at least one piece of gear, and it will almost always be better than what you already have. You don’t necessarily have to keep everything you find, but you can at least infuse, or scrap them for weapon parts so you can upgrade one of the vendors and get some free legendaries.

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