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Destiny 2: How to Leave a Clan


Destiny 2: How to Leave a Clan

How to Leave a Clan in Destiny 2+

The new Clan system in Destiny 2 makes substantial improvements to the original Destiny’s Group system. While the original game’s Group system added very little to a player’s gaming experience, the Clan system does a far better job of creating a real sense of community in Destiny 2. Clans in Destiny 2 give players a meaningful way to communicate with each other while also helping each other progress through the game. Clan members can participate in different activities together or just enjoy the perks of bonus experience points and other various rewards they gain as other members of the Clan progress through the campaign.

Simply put, working together with the rest of your Clan is something you’ll actually be incentivized to do throughout Destiny 2 so picking a Clan is actually a more important decision than picking a Group in the original Destiny. That also means that you may find yourself second guessing if you joined the right Clan in the first place. Maybe you were peer pressured by other friends with the game, maybe you’re in a Clan that was a transferred group from the original Destiny, or maybe you just joined the first Clan that caught your attention. Whatever the reason may be, Destiny 2 players may want to leave a Clan so they can join another.

The good news is that it’s very easy to leave a Clan in Destiny 2. You can leave a Clan from within Destiny 2 or by using the Companion app. In both cases, you’ll actually see the option “Leave Clan” listed once you access your Clan. Select this and you’ll be asked to confirm your decision to leave. Once you confirm, you will be removed from the Clan. Keep in mind that if you are a Clan Founder you will not be able to leave the Clan until you have assigned a new founder or you’re the last member left in the Clan.

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