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Destiny 2: How to Use the Tank


Destiny 2: How to Use the Tank

Armored vehicles for the win.

How to Use the Tank in Destiny 2

The tank is a brand new vehicle introduced in Destiny 2. Just like the Sparrow and the Pike, the tank can be used to traverse the terrain in Destiny 2’s planets and moons, and can even be used to take out weaker enemies easily if you want to.

The first time you’ll get to ride one of these is during one of the early story missions on Titan. As your Guardian makes their way to the objective, you’ll see three tanks in an open area in front of you. All you have to do is step up to the vehicle, and press and hold the Square button (X on Xbox One) to get in. When inside the tank, just use the left analog stick to move it around; there are no buttons for accelerating or hitting the brakes.

Unlike the Pike, the tank doesn’t seem to have any weapons equipped on it, so you’ll only be able to kill enemies by driving over them. While it does have more protective armor, it’s also much slower than the Sparrow, so this might not be the vehicle you’d want to use when trying to cover lots of distance.

Be sure to check our Destiny 2 wiki for more information about the game.

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