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Destiny 2: How to Level Up Your Subclass Quickly


Destiny 2: How to Level Up Your Subclass Quickly

How to Level Up Your Subclass Quickly in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, you lose your light but then are able to unlock the newest subclass for your class after only a few missions. Once you get that class, though, you need to work to level it up. Thankfully, that’s not actually difficult, as it’s directly tied to your level.

If you want to level up really quickly your best bet is to run plenty of Heroic Public Events. Sure, you can get experience in other ways, but these provide the quickest turnaround. You can farm them by quickly traveling from point to point, and you can even see where they are on your map. At low levels, just one Heroic Public will level you up which isn’t bad at all.

The best part is that you don’t have to do this for each and every subclass you get in Destiny 2. Once you level your guardian up and you find yourself unlocking the other subclasses, you should already have the points you need to rank them up and utilize their perks. So while it may seem like a timely endeavor, in the beginning, you’re really doing the work for all three at once.

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