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Destiny 2: How to Invite to a Clan


Destiny 2: How to Invite to a Clan

Gotta invite ’em all.

How to Invite Players to a Clan in Destiny 2

Once you’ve created your own Destiny 2 clan and you have several players in mind you’d like to invite to your group, you’ll have to go through back where you created and edited your new clan and start bringing new folks in. You can do this by heading to and selecting the “Clan” tab on the top left of the screen. Here you’ll need to run your cursor over the button until you see the “My clan” option and then click on it. Your clans will be displayed here, and if you’ve created any you’ll need to select it from the list.

You can only invite players to a clan if you’re a Founder or Admin, so make sure you have the correct permissions before trying to add people to the clan. You can either link friends via the app’s clan homepage and send out invites to friends who can then log in and accept your invite, or select players while in-game in Destiny 2 and select “invite” as one of the options that pops up when you have them selected. Alternatively, you can have prospective members search for your clan underneath the “Clans” tab in the Destiny 2 companion app.

The simplest way to recruit friends to use the URL, however, to the clan you’ve created, which will link them to a great-looking page with the motto, clan title, banner, and purpose for everyone to see and a big yellow button that says “Join Clan” beneath the title and motto. Very easy, very simple, and this way you know who’s going to be coming at you with requests.

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