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Destiny 2: How to Get Your Deluxe Edition Preorder Bonus and Items


Destiny 2: How to Get Your Deluxe Edition Preorder Bonus and Items

Early game cosmetics.

How to Get Your Preorder Items in Destiny 2

If you pre-ordered Destiny 2 on either PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll be able to receive a few goodies in the game itself. For instance, the digital deluxe edition of the game comes with a new emote, emblem, sword, and the exotic Coldheart rifle. However, some of these items won’t be available until you progress much further into the game.

When you start up Destiny 2, complete the game’s prologue mission and keep progressing until you reach the Farm for the first time. This area serves as the game’s social space. Head over to the vault near the center of the Farm and interact with it, and check the Collections menu. From here, you should see your new emblem and emote, along with other emblems that get unlocked from achieving certain milestones in the first game.

However, the sword and Coldheart will have to wait. Both of these weapons can only be unlocked after you’ve progressed far enough in the story, with Coldheart only unlocking when you complete the game’s story missions. You’ll then be able to claim it from the gunsmith in the Farm.

Be sure to check our Destiny 2 wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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