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Destiny 2: How to Get the Sunbracers Exotic Warlock Gauntlets


Destiny 2: How to Get the Sunbracers Exotic Warlock Gauntlets

The power of the sun!

Getting the Sunbracers Exotic Gauntlets in Destiny 2

The Sunbracers are a pair of exotic gauntlets you can acquire in Destiny 2, and they’re only available for the Warlocks. They’re pretty handy, especially if you’re running the Dawnblade subclass in the game, as it boosts your grenade and melee abilities rather significantly. Here’s its exotic perk:

  • Helium Spirals – Increases the duration of Solar Grenades and grants grenade energy on Solar melee hits

After completing the story mission Riptide on Titan, you can speak with Sloane, and she’ll offer the Sunbracers as one of three possible exotic rewards. However, don’t worry if you opted for another piece of armor instead of this one. The Sunbracers can also drop from exotic engrams, which are easily farmed from heroic public events, though basically anything you do in the game has a chance of rewarding you with an exotic as well.

You also have a chance of getting the Sunbracers in an exotic drop by turning in your weekly Milestones with Powerful Gear rewards. These include Call To Arms, Clan XP, Flashpoint, and Nightfall. Xur also has a chance of selling them when he pops into the game every Friday, just in case your RNG luck isn’t too hot.

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