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Destiny 2: How to Get Past 265 Light (Power)


Destiny 2: How to Get Past 265 Light (Power)

How to Get Past 265 Light (Power) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is finally out and guardians all over the world are fighting tooth and nail to level up and prepare for the Leviathan raid, as well as any other challenge that Bungie may throw at us in the future. Part of getting stronger in the game is to raise your Power level (something veterans will always remember as Light level). This is done by obtaining new gear and infusion. Unfortunately, once you reach around 265, your upward progress starts to become quite the crawl. Don’t worry, though. There are ways to push past this wall in Destiny 2 and become even stronger.

We have a few things for you to focus on to really help you get over that hump. We’ve broken them down by categories for you to run through, and in time you’ll see your Power (Light) increase as you move ever closer to that cap.

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