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Destiny 2: How to Get Knucklehead Radar Exotic Hunter Helmet


Destiny 2: How to Get Knucklehead Radar Exotic Hunter Helmet


Hunters in Destiny 2 are an interesting class, and the many exotic items you can get for this class really enhances how you play the game. The Knucklehead Radar is an exotic Hunter helmet and one that makes you look like a badass cyborg ready to take on anything. It offers medium mobility and high resilience, and it’s special abilities are:

  • Upgraded Sensor Pack — Provides radar while aiming.
  • Increases this armor’s resilience, allowing you to absorb more damage.

Looks like you’ll want to use this item if you feel like you’re dying a little too quickly, due to the resilience bonus granted by this helmet. It’s also really useful at tracking down enemies thanks to it’s main purpose. In order to get this item you’ll need to rely on luck and RNG since there’s not set quest to obtain this piece of armor. Exotic engram farming (such as running countless Heroic Public Events or Strikes) will help out a lot. Also, there are the Weekly Milestones (Clan XP, Call to Arms, Nightfall, Flashpoint) that will offer Luminous Engrams as part of their Powerful Gear rewards which can sometimes include an exotic. There is even a small chance to obtain an exotic by leveling up the various vendors in the game using Tokens (or materials in the case of the Gunsmith).

That’s how to get the Knucklehead Radar Exotic helmet for Hunters in Destiny 2. Good luck, and don’t give up! If you’re interested in finding more exotics, check out our wiki.

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