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Destiny 2: Where Failsafe Is


Destiny 2: Where Failsafe Is

Where Failsafe is in Destiny 2

As you make your way through the main campaign of Destiny 2 you will be introduced to some new planets that you can explore. On these planets, you will encounter some NPCs that both play a role in the story and act as your first point of contact for everything that happens on that planet. One of those NPCs is Failsafe, a AI character that has two significantly different personalities, and is introduced when you get to Nessus.

You will find Failsafe in the same place at all times. You will find her at the location of the small person shaped icon at the bottom right area of the planet’s map. Failsafe is in Exodus Black, the huge crashed ship that you will see if you fast travel to that area of Nessus. Make your way over the shallow body of water, where you will often find Public Events, and up the stairs and obstacles by the back of the Exodus Black. Head inside and you will see a small walkway in a dark room. Simply hold Square/X when prompted and you will begin speaking to Failsafe.

That is where Failsafe is in Destiny 2. For more on the game, check out our wiki.

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