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Destiny 2: How to Get All Exotic Sparrows


Destiny 2: How to Get All Exotic Sparrows

Exotic Sparrows in Destiny 2

Bungie has increased the exotic pool in Destiny 2 by quite a bit by adding in exotics for pretty much any type of item your Guardian can have equipped. There are exotic weapons, armors, emotes, and yes, even exotic Sparrows that you can obtain in the game. Right now, there is only a handful, but we have no doubt that the developers will add in some interesting ones in the future (maybe we’ll start getting raid Sparrows again?). The three exotic Sparrows we’ve seen in Destiny 2 are:


Dinas Emrys

Vanishing Point

As you can see, each one of these exotic Sparrows is pretty stylish. You can even use shaders to change their colors, adding your own personal touch to your Destiny 2 ride. You can actually obtain these exotic vehicles from Bright Engrams. Those are the engrams that are tied to Destiny 2’s Eververse (microtransaction store). You can earn Bright Engrams without dropping your hard-earned cash simply by leveling up past the max level (20). You’ll also get a few for free at certain points in the story.

As far as perks go, each of these exotic Sparrows has a Random Mod. You’ll get random upgrades each time you load into a world, but none of them are game changing or anything like that. The big deal is pulling up to your friends and showing off your sweet ride. You may sense a bit of jealousy, but don’t worry, they’ll get over it.

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