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An Etiquette Guide to Being a Good Guardian in Destiny 2

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An Etiquette Guide to Being a Good Guardian in Destiny 2

Here’s some Super Good Advice.

Destiny 2 is a very social game. Aside from the main story campaign, a lot of activities in the game can’t be easily completed on your own, and you’ll usually need the help of your fellow Guardians if you want to reap the sweet rewards. Because player interaction is such a big aspect of Destiny 2, we thought we’d help you out by providing a few general rules and guidelines to make you the best Guardian you can possibly be, and earn the respect and admiration of players who get the privilege of running a strike or public event with you.

Let’s get started.

Always Activate the Heroic Public Events

We can’t stress this enough. As you roam about Nessus or the EDZ, you’ll stumble upon public events where you have to defeat a mini boss to unlock a sweet loot chest. At the moment, public events are the best way to farm exotic engrams in Destiny 2. But you know what’s even better? Heroic public events.

Every event has a hidden condition or requirement you have to fulfill in order to trigger the heroic version. If you do this and complete it, your chances of getting an exotic engram from the loot chest are even higher. And hey, better loot for everyone is always a good thing. The point is, whenever you’re in a public event with other Guardians, always try to activate the heroic version. We’ve even got a handy guide here, detailing exactly how to trigger the heroic versions for each event. Obviously, if you’re alone at an event, it might be better to just clear it the regular way as these heroic events can be very challenging for a solo player.

Seriously though, nothing is more infuriating than seeing other random Guardians use their supers on the small Taken blights as you desperately try to deal enough damage to the main blight on your own for the heroic event.

Resurrect Nearby Guardians When You See Them

Speaking of public events, always try to resurrect your fellow Guardians if they get taken out. When they’re near your position, it’s just good manners to go over and pick them up. And if you do die in an event, check your surroundings to see if anyone’s on their way to revive you. It can be extremely annoying to brave through throngs of Fallen and Cabal to try to revive a teammate, only to have them disappear on you, robbing you of that valuable shield buff in the process.

Open the Loot Chest Together

At the end of a public event or a strike in Destiny 2, a beautiful, beautiful loot chest will appear in the center area. This is where you reap your rewards. Now, you might be tempted to just open the chest and zip right off, but don’t forget that your hard-earned victory was only possible with the help of your fellow Guardians. You can run straight to the loot chest, sure, but consider waiting for the rest of the Guardians to gather round the chest before opening it together. Hey, maybe you could even do a little celebration dance while waiting.

Titans, Be Mindful of Your Barrier

Destiny 2 has given Titans a valuable new ability in the form of a damage-blocking barrier. However, if you’re a Titan, do be mindful of where you place it. While barriers can be very helpful in shielding you and your allies from damage, it can also be a nuisance as other Guardians might have to step out of a favorable position in order to shoot their enemies. Most importantly, though, please don’t place your barrier right smack in the middle of the Glimmer pile while your teammates are trying to transmat it out and clear the public event.

If you have to use a barrier, give your teammates a heads up (if you’re in voice chat with them), or opt to use the half cover barrier instead. This gives you better perks anyway.

Be Nice in Crucible

The Crucible is where the PvP-savvy players love hanging out. It can also be a spawning nest for not-so-nice behavior, given the fact that it’s a competitive player versus player mode, where some Guardians may take their losses a little too hard.

Here are a few things to keep in mind (not just in Destiny 2, but in other competitive online games as well):

Don’t teabag your opponents. Look, it’s just a very rude thing to do, especially if your opponents are having a rough match. Teabagging makes you look like a sore winner, and no one wants to play with sore winners, no matter how good you are at 360 no-scoping people in a video game.

Don’t rage quit. Remember, it’s just a video game, and rage quitting isn’t going to help you perform any better in your next match. Instead of backing out of a match early, why not complete it and potentially earn a sweet reward at the end?

Have Fun and Dance

Most importantly, remember to have fun in the game. Destiny 2 is at its best when you’re playing with other Guardians and working hard together to farm those exotic engrams. If you’re enjoying yourself and making sure to engage in all of the dance parties in public and social areas, you’ll be helping other Guardians have a better time in the game too.

For more on Destiny 2, be sure to check out our wiki.

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