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Destiny 2: How to Dismantle Equipment


Destiny 2: How to Dismantle Equipment


With loot being such an important part of Destiny 2, you’ll be picking up a lot of equipment as you explore the battlefield. Much of what you do find won’t be of any use to you, especially if you have some top quality items at your disposal. Therefore, rather than filling out your inventory with stuff you have no use for, you will want to get rid of it while getting something in return. The best way to do so is to dismantle equipment you no longer need.

Doing so rewards you with glimmer and other materials that can be used for other purchases in Destiny 2. Once you have confirmed that you want to dispose of an item, head to your inventory and select the item. Then, you will see a few options at the bottom of the item’s page. You will be able to equip the item, upgrade it, or dismantle it. To dismantle equipment, press and hold square/X. The item will then disappear from your inventory and you’ll have a new space to fill. You will also see your glimmer count increase and will be notified of what you receive as the dismantling is completed. Just be aware that whenever you decide to dismantle equipment, you won’t be able to get it back.

Remember to dismantle equipment frequently, as it allows you to make space for better items that will help you improve, so be sure to make the most of it as you play Destiny 2.

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