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Destiny 2: How to Complete Lost Sectors


Destiny 2: How to Complete Lost Sectors

How to Complete Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

Lost Sectors are a new type of excursion found in Destiny 2. Making use of all the caves found in the various areas available in the game, Bungie added enemies, bosses, and loot chests to be discovered and unlocked by those willing to take the dive. While they may seem intimidating, they’re actually pretty easy and are a great way to stock up on some gear and experience if you’ve been looking to do some powering up.

Before completing a Lost Sector in Destiny 2, you must first find one. All you have to do is check your map for this symbol:

They’re visible right from the Director. Head to the spot and when you find the symbol in the actual game world, search the nearby area for an entrance. The entrance to these “secret” caves is never far from the marking, so always keep that in mind. Once you enter, your only goal is to kill the boss within. There will be other enemies that you should kill, but you don’t have to. Once the boss is dead, you’ll get a keycode (it will say so on the screen).

Use that keycode to open the chest that spawns in the area where you fought the boss. Once you collect your hard-earned Destiny 2 loot, you’re free to exit the Lost Sector and make a bee line for the next one. Good luck, guardians.

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