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Destiny 2: How to Buy Exotics


Destiny 2: How to Buy Exotics

How to Buy Exotics in Destiny 2

While exotics are the absolute rarest gear you can obtain in Destiny 2, you can also actually purchase them in-game, as long as you know who to talk to. Xur, an agent of the Nine, is a traveling vendor who appears each week in a random location on one of Destiny 2’s worlds to sell exotics. This makes him a highly sought out vendor, but it also means he doesn’t simply accept just Glimmer.

First is locating Xur. His location is 100% random, but he can only appear in public spaces (so nowhere blocked off for Strikes, Lost Sectors, or missions). To find him quickly in Destiny 2, you and your friends should each pick a planet to search, then call it out when he’s located so the others can fast travel to a nearby Landing Zone. Before going to shop, though, make sure that you have a lot of Legendary Shards. These are obtained from dismantling legendary and exotic gear in Destiny 2 (two from legendary, 10 from exotic).

Once you have a healthy stack of this valuable resource, head to Xur and pick what you want. His exotics are random every week, and he will only have a small selection. If you don’t like what exotics he has, just save your Shards and wait for the next time he appears. If you do happen to like what he has, and you can afford it, simply click X/A on the item you want and you’re all set. Now go and try out that new piece of gear you just got in one of Destiny 2’s many challenges.

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